With the healthcare industry changing focus from fee-for-service to patient satisfaction and outcomes, it is more important than ever for providers to have the most up-to-date information on their patients.


HSM provides a wide range of HIE services, including front-end strategy, planning, designing, building, implementation and back-end operational support.  Some of our recent engagements include the following HIE services:


  • Project Management
  • Developing Project Methodologies
  • Vendor Selection
  • RFP Development for HIE funding
  • System Development and Implementation Consulting
  • Process Improvement
  • Strategic Planning
  • System Assessments


There are several considerations when planning and implementing an HIE. Common challenges include:


  • Substantial cost and time considerations for starting an HIE, even with federal funding.
  • Selection of the technology to connect disparate systems so that clinical data can be retrieved quickly and efficiently.
  • Conducting in-depth assessments of each system to determine the best approach to connect them.
  • Determining which of three data models for data storage and retrieval (Centralized, Federated or Hybrid) will work best for the HIE.
  • Securing participation in the HIE from as many entities within a region as possible to make sure that patient data is relevant.
  • Defining policies for governance, operation and privacy/security to ensure the success of the HIE.
  • The cost to maintain the HIE as technology changes over time and the HIE network grows.